While all stories are unique, we’ve endeavoured to create packages that we feel best fit our customers’ needs. All packages can be subject to personal tailoring, but we like to get the backbone of the storyline so we know what we’re working with.




1-hour Phone Consultation

To evaluate needs and consider next steps.

Evaluation Process

Our team will assess where you are currently and create a vision for where you intend to be. Following this, we’ll Map out the process outlining how we can help you achieve this vision. We’ll consider the appropriate services for your entrepreneurial vision.

Executive Report

This document will outline where you are right now, what you envision for the future, how we intend to help you get there, the budget required for this process, and the time it will take for us to get from A to B.


We’ll sum this all up in a nice easy-to-read portfolio, so you can show it to the money men, the brainiacs, or the brawn — whoever needs convincing!


Tell the Tale

For companies with a vague idea, proven product, or disruptive technology, but no ‘who, what, where, why, when, or how’ (or no ‘market value’ in industrial robot speak’).

Consultations and Interviews with Key Players

We’ll interview all the important people to craft the story behind your business. We’ll use one on one phone calls, interviews, questions, group chats — whatever it takes to dig up the dirt! — just kidding, but it’s create to craft a picture from many angles.

Investigate the Protagonists

We’ll delve into who is behind the project and their roles, as well as who the target audience are and how to find them

Investigate the Antagonists

We’ll consider the problems being solved and the disrupts to those issues. We’ll analyze what you business disrupts and displaces and who is dethrones.

Acknowledge the Audience

Taking a look at why the customer is important to you, we’ll consider why they need the product in their lives and how it will change things for them. We’ll consider timescales here and methods to convey your intention to your audience.

Set the Scene

We’ll create a conceivable vision of the future with your business in it and use this as our raison d'être, allowing us to visualize achievable, actionable goals to reach that vision tangibly.


With that vision in mind, we can jump right in to crafting the who, what, where, why, when, and how of your own conceptual and systemic business architecture to create regenerative, resilient, healthy enterprises.

The Full Story

In the end, we’ll present you with the Future Proof of your story:

  • An Executive Summary – Outline of your company’s narrative

  • The Full Story – A beautifully-tailored brochure of the full saga


The Lyric


For companies with a great concept or a worthy cause, but are knights struggling in the battle to raise funds to build their product.

Consultations and Interviews

We always start by speaking to the cast and crew to get rooting around backstage. We all understand from Year 6 drama that we can put on a worthwhile Brechtian play with just all black gymnastics clothing — however, costumes and props certainly liven up the show.

We want front row seats to your play to understand what you’re trying to get across and what you need to do that. It’s best if we understand what everyone needs so we don’t just get a whole bunch of mics for the sound guys, leaving the set team without paint!


Through our interviews, we’ll piece together the history. By demonstrating where you’ve come from, you can show what you’ve achieved. Showcasing example of your previous work and your journey so far, this will help to highlight patterns of the future to which you might need to be aware.

future Vision

We’ll help you put your vision into words. Together, we can write a killer script that’ll hit the headlines, and allow everyone involved to blossom.

company Intention

This is where we look at the nitty gritty of what you want to do. We’ll consider for what you need funds, your financial projections, your realistic timeline, and your intention for the dollar dollar bills. This section really helps to bolster your transparency.

Custom Pitchdeck

We’ll create a dynamic pitchdeck that clearly showcases your visions and transparently demonstrates your intentions.

One-Page Whitepaper

This is a one-pager that breaks down the pitchdeck/whitepaper and can serve as a print-off at conferences, seminars, or for leaflets.


Read All About It


A quick booster communications package for companies who already have their product and story in order, but need a little injection of drama to their tale or need to iron out a few plot confusions - or perhaps you’re launching something new!

Consultations and Interviews

We’ll get a quick brief on what you want us to get across, how you’re doing that, and how you’re doing at doing that (easy for you to say).

pack of Articles

Want them for Medium? Steemit? Facebook? Your Website? Your Blog? Wordpress? My Space? – You name the time, the place and the opponent and we’ll be ready for the fight. We’ll give you 10 complete articles targeted to your audience, shouting your message, demonstrating your services, and representing your company - SEO, keywords, buzzwords; all that jazz.

Web Content

We’ll give your web content a look over and a freshen up.


The Complete Works


Interested in doing good but don’t know how to go about it? Got a source of change but can’t orchestrate the plot to achieve it? Got money to burn and want to create something good? We got you.

  • Tell The Tale + The Lyric + Read All About It

  • Full Whitepaper


Add-On Services

Narrative Development


One-Pager Whitepaper


Basic Graphic Design (for whitepapers and pitchdecks)

Strategic Staffing Solutions

Packs of 10 Blogs/Articles

Web Content