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What is Story Engineering?

Stories have woven together the fabric of our cultures and societies, passing on warnings, advice, and skills.

Story engineering is a tool used to create achievable visions in businesses, to craft obtainable futures. By telling stores concerning how we envision the future world to be, we can craft the pathways to achieve that vision, while working flexibly to accept and manage feedback. This helps your business to work toward the ‘happy ending’ you desire in a relevant, realistic, and reliable manner.


what do we offer?

By helping your company to realize its story-line, we offer smarter communications that help to visualize and strategize the achievement of your business objectives.

Our carefully custom-tailored packages provide all-in-one solutions, content boosts, action plans, communications strategies, whitepapers, pitchdecks, and a whole host of other tools to convey your business' story to outline reachable. actionable steps to create a brighter future.


who are you?

Product but No Hook

You have a great product solving a problem and disrupting the market dominated by its predecessors. However, you have no storyline - nothing that draws people in. Without reeling in your fish, you’ll suffer from a lack of ‘hype’ and the project won’t soar. We’re hear to help you tell the where, what, how, why, who, and when, to define clearer, achievable, accessible action plans.

cause but not cash

You have a great idea, want to back a worthy cause, or you have an invention on the horizon, but you don’t have the capital to get a prototype in place. We’ll help you piece together a narrative that celebrates and supports your causes, enticing the big players to back you. We can help create a transparent and articulate timeline that showcases your company’s foreseeable and realistic potential, to encourage the outside boost you need.

need to make a noise

You’ve been around for a while and have your story nailed down, but you want to spice things up. We can help you add a little drama using classic PR and marketing techniques -blogs, pitchdecks, whitepapers, articles, press releases, and so on.

you need it all

Maybe you want to do something good for the world or you need something to occupy your time. Maybe you have money to burn or perhaps you want to honour a hobby you love. Starting a business can spring out of all different motives, but you may find yourself at a loose end without a clear vision or action plan to get you to success. We’re here to help.


start your story

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